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The World Series Champs are the Heroes Houston Needed

Astros World Series

The City of Houston needed a hero – and the 2017 Houston Astros have stepped up to be just that. Just 10 weeks after Harvey hit, Houston will host a celebration for the World Series Champions!

This is a place where you really are what you achieve in Houston, and that’s a tremendous boon to this town. – Oil Exec Richard Kinder

The Greatest Season

These Astros got out of the gate fast with the best record in the AL at the All Star Break (best in the NL? The LA Dodgers). The Astros 143 first-half home runs were the most in baseball at the break since 2005.

These Astros will go down having created stars such as Carlos Correa, Jose Altuve, and George Springer. These guys reflect the diversity of Houston as well as it’s spirit. It’s a can-do city that never gives up.

Li’l Jose Altuve came into the 2017 season with just 60 career homers in 3,361 career plate appearances (.018% chance of a homer in any given at bat). He then hit 24 homers in 2017 and another 7 in the postseason (giving him a homer 9.9% of ABs in the postseason).

Key Stat Jose Altuve has hit a homer in .018% of his career at-bats. In the 2017 postseason: 9.9% of at-bats.

World Champion George SpringerAnd what about George Springer? The lead-off man gives this Houston team life on a daily basis. But in this World Series, he gave them even more. His five homeruns and 8 runs scored lifted this team into orbit.

Springer hit .379 in the World Series – remarkable considering his 0/4, 4K game performance in Game One. He hit .440 from games 2 to 7 with four multi-hit games. His homerun in Game 7 was the 99th of his career. I”d bet all the money in my pocket that homer 100 comes in the Astros opener next April.

I’ve never been happier for the City of Houston. Despite growing up a baseball fan and still enjoying college baseball, I don’t spend a lot of time following the Astros through the grueling 162-game season (180 games this year with the playoffs). But I’m giddy that my city gets to experience this happiness and this pride.

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