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It’s Time to Take Care of Our Veterans

Golden Gate National Cemetery

We have promised a lot to our veterans and it is time we fulfill all of those promises. It’s not enough to say “thank you for your service” – we need to do more. Our spending must prioritize our active and retired troops above other military expenses.

VA hospitals should be the showroom for American medical innovation & care.

Iwo Jima - Veterans for RyanTogether with other military-first legislators, I will:

  • Continue to defend the freedoms our brave soldiers fought for.
  • Empower vets to choose where to receive their healthcare – inside or outside the VA.  Our vets deserve faster access to the best care.
  • Strengthen accountability in the VA and in VA hospitals.
  • Conduct more asset and infrastructure reviews at the VA so that dollars are spent on veterans instead of decaying and unused buildings.
  • Strengthen our investment in the American Battle Monuments Commission by allocating more money to preserve our cemeteries, monuments, and memorials.

Our VA hospitals should be the showroom for American medical innovation and care. Our soldiers have served their duty – it’s time for Congress to serve theirs.

Veterans are the lifeblood of this country. Without their sacrifice, America the Beautiful would not stand tall today. We need to honor and improve upon our commitment to these men and women.

America the Beautiful

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