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Is it Fake News? Or Just Media Hysteria?


Journalists are provoking the country into mass hysteria. Media distrust is at an all-time high but I don’t think it’s about fake news. You see, the media is now in the business of doomsday predictions dressed as analysis. There is little difference in a columnist and a reporter these days – both are opinion-makers that lightly sprinkle their work with fact.

We are over a year into Trump/Russia collusion hysteria yet no concrete links have been found from any of the investigations going on. How is that possible? For journalists, a year of melodramatic headlines and retweets are worth more than the truth at this point.

And in the last week, we’ve experienced two new panics: net neutrality and the Republican tax cut. Many Americans depend on the impartiality of media members – most of whom are breathlessly condemning the tax cut. Never mind that the tax cut saves most taxpayers money.

But don’t tell that to Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald.

His taxes go up? Eichenwald lives in Texas and is married with 3 kids. At best, the claim that his taxes will rise seems dubious. Of course, he is the same man that said in September 2016 that everyone should take their money out of the stock market in preparation for a Trump presidency.


Another hilarious example of media hysteria is columnist Will Bunch:

Off the top of my head …

Here are 3 worse federal laws since the Fugitive Slave Act:

Alien Registration Act of 1940 – Regulated war time speech & required all non-citizens to register with the government, laying the foundation for McCarthyism a decade later.

Public Law 503 – WWII law that authorized the internment of Japanese, German, and Italian Americans.

Patriot Act – 2001 power grab used by numerous intelligence agencies to spy on American citizens.

We all have differing views on the tax bill but I think we can agree that detaining law-abiding citizens is a little worse than lowering the corporate tax rate. Bunch’s hyperbole accomplishes nothing except to advance fear mongering.

Someone needs to hold media members accountable when they prioritize their agenda over fact. We are beyond blurring the lines of fact and opinion. There is now only hysteria.

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