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2008 DNC Platform & Trump Agree On Vital Issues

Obama 2008 DNC Platform

It’s all there, laid out in the party platform for everyone to see:

  1. Our current immigration system has been broken for far too long.
  2. The U.S. needs comprehensive immigration reform, not just piecemeal efforts.
  3. We are committed to pursuing tough, practical, and humane immigration reform in the first year of the next administration.
  4. We cannot continue to allow people to enter the United States undetected, undocumented, and unchecked.
  5. America needs to secure our borders, and support additional personnel, infrastructure, and technology on the border and at our ports of entry.

Can you believe these talking points came from the Democrats?
No, really! These are the immigration policies laid out in the 2008 DNC Platform. Democrats of a decade ago were much closer to Donald Trump’s brand of populism than they are now. And it’s not just immigration: Democrats have raised hell about numerous Trump decisions that their past platforms have supported.

2008 DNC Platform On Immigration

border and immigration
Barack Obama’s 2008 platform sounds pretty right wing in today’s context:

2008 DNC Platform - Page 39
Obama’s ‘tough’ immigration reform: 2008 DNC Platform – Page 45 (click to expand)

As the DACA fight plays out, the Democrats are merely looking to piecemeal policies that benefit just a specific voting block. Anyone unwilling to vote for the Dreamers, independent of comprehensive immigration reform, are called racists, which is certainly divides us by playing on worst instincts.

Secure our borders with infrastructure
DNC says secure our borders with infrastructure and technology: 2008 DNC Platfom – Page 45 (click to expand)

Hmmm. We need to secure our borders, and support additional personnel, infrastructue, and technology on the border. America has 2 borders but the Democrats believed only one needs more infrastructure and personnel. That sounds a lot like a wall and more border patrol agents on the southern border – exactly what Trump has asked for.

Immigrants must assimilate
Assimilate: 2008 DNC Platform – Page 45 (click to expand)

Can you imagine the outrage if Donald Trump stated that people living here illegally must learn English and go to the back of the line for the opportunity to become citizens? He would be called a racist on the pages of the New York Times. Oh wait, that happens weekly.

So to conclude, the DNC Platform says we should:

  • Prevent illegal immigration;
  • Punish those who employ illegal immigrants;
  • Secure our borders with infrastructure (read: wall), personnel (read: more border patrol), and technology;
  • Give border patrol more equipment and intelligence; and
  • Insist that immigrants assimilate into American culture.

The Democrats sure have “evolved” on immigration.

On Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

The day after claiming the nomination in 2008, Obama made sure that his position on Jerusalem was clear:

“Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided.” – Barack Obama – June, 2008

Six weeks later, the DNC platform echoed the views of candidate Barack Obama.

Obama says Jerusalem is the capital of Israel
Obama believes Jerusalem is the capital of Israel: 2008 DNC Platform – Page 39 (click to expand)

Obama’s views remained unchanged as he sought reelection in 2012. But the DNC Platform Committee had voted to leave out the pledge to Israel. The President pushed the convention to vote on restoring the language regarding Jerusalem, fearing backlash from Republicans and the Jewish community.

2012 DNC Platform Had to be revised
2012 DNC Platform Had to be Revised

In 1995, the Jerusalem Embassy Act recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and called for the embassy to be moved there. The Act was overwhelmingly adopted by the Senate (93–5) and the House (374–37) and became law.
The last 3 presidents spent decades putting off the decision until President Trump declared Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and began work to move the US Embassy there from Tel Aviv.

On NAFTA Renegotiations

The governments of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico are currently looking for ways to modernize NAFTA after President Trump called it a bad deal. Trump’s main issue is that America has a $63 billion trade imbalance with Mexico. But he’s not the only one. The DNC and Obama felt the same way in 2008.

Obama wants to renegotiate NAFTA
Obama wants to renegotiate NAFTA: 2008 DNC Platform – Page 27 (click to expand)

A centrist Democratic Party with a likable and electable candidate wins presidential contests. If the party continues to push to the left, they will find their chances weakened in the midterms and beyond.

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