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Veterans Honored During a Week of Football Chaos

Navy Football

Before I get into some football news and numbers:

Veterans were honored all over college football Saturday – from helmet decals and uniform patches to pregame and halftime celebrations. Overlooking the Hudson River, Michie Stadium at West Point held their celebration.

Chaos Reigns in College Football

In the 2 weeks since the first College Football Playoff Rankings, six different top 10 teams have lost. Chaos reigned on Saturday as #1 and #3 both lost while #2 and #4 took scares deep into their game.

Alabama did Alabama things and survived in Starkville and will be #1 come Tuesday night. I suspect Clemson, Miami and Oklahoma will be 2-3-4 while two-loss Auburn will jump several one-loss teams.

Say….Quan: The national media foisted Saquan Barkley on us after a good day against Iowa. They proclaimed him to have already won the Heisman. But in the last 6 games he’s gone radio silent.

In those 6 games, the meat of Penn State’s Big 10 schedule, he’s put up just 381 total yards in 100 carries (63 yards per game). He’s had a few TDs and a few stellar returns but he’s neither taken over a game or led his team to a hard-fought win.

Even Rutgers held him to 35 yards on 14 carries. Indiana held him to 56 yards and Northwestern checked him as well (75 yards). Another overhyped eastern football player washes out – this time thanks to the Hoosiers and Scarlet Knights.

Service Academies Stand Strong

Go Army! Beat Navy!

It’s Veteran’s Day so lets peak in at the service academies.

Props 1: Navy threw 1 pass in a 43-40 win (they ran it 72 times for 559 yards). Army threw 1 pass in a 21-16 win over Duke (they ran it 57 times for 226 yards). Combined, the two service academies threw 2 passes, completed 1, and ran it 129 times. Army didn’t even attempt a pass at all last week.

Props 2: Army is last in the country at 30.8 passing yards per game. They trail #128 (second to last) Georgia Tech by 59 yards a game. Army has 308 yards passing for the season – 15 teams average that per game. Despite the lack of an air game, Army is 7-3 and will have 3 chances to match last season’s 8 wins – their most since 1996.

Props 3: Army (8-2) and Navy (6-3) have combined for 14 wins in 2017 – their fourth highest combined mark in 55 years. The total will climb to at least 15 as they play each other in December.

1996 – 19 combined wins
2010 – 16
2009 – 15
2017 – 14

Quick Hits

  • Hardest road to a conference title game goes to Michigan. They must win at #8 Wisconsin, beat #13 Ohio State at home and need a Michigan State loss to either Rutgers or Maryland.
  • Easiest road is TCU’s – they need a win over Baylor or Texas Tech, the 8th and 9th place teams in Big 12.
  • There are 18 conference title game spots and 6 have been claimed: Georgia, Clemson, Miami, Wisconsin, USC and North Texas.
  • How about those UNT Mean Green? UNT hit rock bottom just 25 months ago in a 66-7 thrashing by FCS Portland State. Now, they’re 7-3 and will play for a league title.
  • In the first half of their blowout loss to Miami, Notre Dame had 5 completions and 3 INTs. ND finished with just 261 yards and their vaunted offensive line gave up 5 sacks.
  • The potential 7-way tie in the Ivy League was sadly averted and now 3 teams remain alive. Yale has clinched at least a tie and will win outright with a win in The Game (over Harvard).
  • Wake Forest and Syracuse combined for 107 points this week with Cuse only scoring 5 in the 2nd half.
  • Miami is riding a 14-game winning streak while Wisconsin and Alabama each have a 10-game streak. UCF is fourth with a 9-game win streak – just 2 years after an 0-12 season where they lost 10 games by 14 or more.

The most inept program in P5 might be Florida right now. They can’t get anything right. This play epitomizes their entire season:

Next week is a dreadful national schedule: if Michigan sneaks back into the top 25, their game with Wisconsin will be the only top 25 match-up. I’ll be on Rocky Top for LSU’s first visit since 2011.

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