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1st CFP Top 4 & My Top 10

College Football Playoff Trophy

CFB’s Top 4 Released on Tuesday, October 31.

College Football Playoff 20181. Alabama
2. Georgia
3. Clemson
4. Ohio State

I think Alabama and Georgia are pretty uncontroversial picks here. Both are undefeated in the SEC while Georgia also sports a top 10 road win at Notre Dame. I suspect Bama will be tested by LSU a little more than point spread indicates (currently: 21) but will win by a couple scores.

I think Clemson is the 3rd best team currently even with a road loss at Syracuse. I put them ahead of Ohio State, off a nice comeback vs Penn State but also having taken a 15-point beating at home vs. OU.

I chose to exclude undefeated Wisconsin based on their weak schedule. According to Football Studyhall’s Advanced Statistical Profiles (a great resource if you aren’t using it), Wisconsin’s best win is Florida Atlantic followed by Purdue. That’s simply not good enough.

I also left OU at #5 although they are on the cusp of the top 4. Their loss at home vs. Iowa State looks better and better as the weeks roll along.

The rest of my Top 10:

5. Oklahoma
6. Notre Dame
6. Penn State
7. Wisconsin
8. Miami
9. TCU
10. Washington

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