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Playoff Committee Got It Right at the Top in Week 11

College Football Playoff 2018

The College Football Playoff committee announced their Week 11 rankings on Tuesday night and, frankly, they nailed it 1-8. At #9, I don’t think Ohio State belongs in this conversation. More on that a little later.

College Football Playoff TrophyHere are the current top ten rankings:

  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Miami
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Wisconsin
  6. Auburn
  7. Georgia
  8. Notre Dame
  9. Ohio State
  10. Penn State

Tide at the Top

Jalen Hurts Alabama QBAlabama is #1 and there’s no compelling reason to move them off of that spot. The only blip on the Tide schedule are two one-score wins, both to SEC West rivals and both on the road. Otherwise, the Tide have dominated.

How dominant? 73 of the 110 computer rankings used in the Massey Composite place Alabama at #1 (another 18 rank them second). This week is the 11th time in the 22 College Football Playoff rankings that Alabama has been #1 overall and their 19th time ranked in the top four.

73 of the 110 computer rankings used in the Massey Composite place Alabama at #1 (another 18 rank them second)

Miami has gone from 10th to 7th to 3rd in the three CFP rankings. The Canes are definitely a top-four team but should be behind Clemson at this point. Why?

Clemson defeated Virginia Tech (#17) and NC State (#23) on the road after beating #6 Auburn in out of conference play. Miami got by Virginia Tech and #8 Notre Dame (both at home) but 4 of their wins have been by just one score. If Miami beats Pitt in the season final then Clemson in the ACC title game, they’ll finish 2nd.

Big 12 fans are freaking out because Oklahoma is #4 after back-to-back wins over #12 TCU and #13 Oklahoma State. The reason is simple: there are 2 undefeated teams above you and another one-loss team; that one-loss team (Clemson) lost on the road without their starting QB. On the other hand, Oklahoma lost at home to a fun but mediocre 6-4 Iowa State team. The Sooners don’t deserve a better ranking than fourth.

Wisconsin, undefeated but without a good win, is at #5 and in position to play themselves into the playoff with wins over Michigan, Minnesota, and in the Big Ten title game.

One-loss Notre Dame is where they deserve to be (#8) after their 33-point loss to Miami – just behind one-loss Georgia, who had been rated ahead of them previously. Auburn, fresh off a 23-point win over their rival UGA, is at #6 and is the highest-rated two-loss team. They’ll be in the playoff with wins over Bama and UGA in the SEC title game.

The team most undeserving of the top 10 is Ohio State. The Buckeyes have suffered two blowout losses this year, one at home to OU and one on the road to a middling 6-4 Iowa team. Thanks to their gift ranking, all they’ll need are wins over Michigan and another in the B1G title game to be on the cusp of making the playoff.

There is no legitimate reason for this. You can’t be blown out twice and be considered one of the top 4 teams in the country.

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